Whats the worst that can happen?

Whats the worst that can happen? - An intro

“You have all been selected.” He said as the tall muscled man strode along the line of recriuts that had the miss fortune to join the Tribal Marshals at a time when Elder Hannon was in charge the the induction. “I don’t like this fact and by the time I have finished with you, neither will you.” He went on. His eyes scanned the men and women assembled but when he said the ‘Neither will you’ Part of his speech his eyes seemed to settle on the ghoul members of the gathering. Blind in one eye that was bisected by a scar that reached his jaw line and started again on his collar bone before disappearing under his hide tunic, He was an imposing figure. It was rumoured that his scar was a present from a Deathclaw but no one knew for sure. What was sure of how ever was that he was the man every one of the gathered chosen would have to impress if they were to have any hope of joining the marshals. He spat on the floor and almost snarled at the ghouls this time showing a set of teeth entirely made of metal.
Before he could continue how ever a young man rushes into the gathering hall, straight up to Elder Hannon and gave a hasty salute. “Message Sir! From the Khan himself.” Hannon snatched the note from the messenger with such force it almost took the poor man’s fingers with it. His one eye moved over the writing for a few moments. With every second his face grew more and more passive which in its own way was more fearsome than the rage he had previously managed to display.
“Training today has been cancelled you are being rushed into emergency service and are all deputised.” He points to the end seven or eight in the line. “You there go with this man, You, you and you report to the armoury.” He bellowed to three more. “The rest of you.” He said looking at the party. “Follow me…” He said with a smile…



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