Whats the worst that can happen?


For personal reasons due to self confidence loss there will be no more public fallout campagins.

Session one

Party; Tabby is Scratch : Specialist with a bow.
Lucy is Emmi : Ace with a cross bow.
Felix is Punch : Just point his fists at what you want gone.

Our brave recruits have begun their glorious carrears as soldiers in the Khan’s army as 010 or 020 meaning = 0: special forces 1/2: rank within party 0:Completely expendable. Oh what joy.
Before they could finish their training however the training camp was attacked by an unknown force sporting weapons that our brave young adventures did not recognise but made a loud crack before puting a hole in the training camps leader. Before he could bleed out though Scratch managed to use her limited first aid to stop the bleeding.
The training camps commander Elder Hannon told them to take news of the attack to the Khan and gave them a pendent to present to him as proof that he had sent them. As the tried to leave however they were set on but armed opponents. After suffering near defeat the party managed to take down not one but three enemies blocking their way before the unknown aggressors managed to jump the barricade behind them and forced them to make a hasty retreat though not before Punch managed to secure some loot from one of the fallen enemies.

They trekked across the wasteland taking the direct route to the Khan’s capital risking running into some of the people that had attacked the black rock training camp but managed to avoid the patrols. They arrived at one of the outposts, Outpost 8, within a few hours and warned them of the attack before moving on.
Twice on the journey they stopped to drink water from springs and twice they became that little bit more irradiated. But not too much. No one is glowing in the dark…. Yet.

Once they arrived at the capital they managed to successfully get lost despite having the towering land mark of the Khan’s palace towering above the city. They found an arms dealer and sold the gun that Punch looted with Emmi attempting to increase the amount the store keeper would pay by flashing cleavage. This did not work as well as she had hopped but they eventually got paid 150 scripts for the weapon. They then promptly got pick pocketed for some of their earnings.

After another hour of wandering more by luck than judgement they found the entrance to the Khan’s palace but were bared entrance due to the fact they could not prove who they were and why they were here they convinced the guard that they were who they said they were but would only allow one party member inside. After arguing this point some more the party found itself unable to enter the palace grounds at all. Their second option was to try and bribe the guards. This did not go down well. The party ended up losing all their money just to stop the guards reporting them for bribery attempts. The breakthrough came when they hit on the idea to get a guard to take the necklace icon they had received into the palace and talk with some one in charge. After a while the guard came back out and told the party to venture inside. Scratch decided to try and get her money back from the guard with a pickpocket attempt. With some major luck she retrieved more than half their money before heading into the palace.

On the way in they met a man coming the other way he was in a bad mood and stood at seven feet tall in power armour. The party promptly got out of the way.

The decadent interior of the Khan’s audience chamber stood as a testament to his ego. Silk adorned every wall. The party explained the situation but the Khan was only mildly interested and passed the Party off on to his battle master. Though even the battle master regarded the party with disinterest after listening impatiently to the story he gave the party a task while a strategy was planned they would have to go the all 14 of the outposts for status reports getting a signature from each one to prove they had been there. He intern passed them off onto a servant called Crene who lead them to the armoury to get armour for their mission.

The party spent a restful night in the palace eating and licking their wounds from the days battles and headed out first thing in the morning.

They set out in good order and even arrived at their first destination well on time got the signature and moved. Having been warned about a rad scorpion nest they managed to avoid it and get to outpost 13 without any trouble and get their signature.
On the way to outpost 12 though they narrowly avoided an ambush by some ghouls. The fight started well with Emmi knocking one ghoul unconscious and Punch moving in to finish off the helpless opponent before moving on to the next. Scratch managed to do minimal damage to the second of the three Ghouls before Emmi in an effort to repeat her prior success managed to miss her target with her crossbow and shot Punch in the back… Twice before something strange happened. An anvil seemed to come from no where and hit her on the head.
The rest of the battle was short as both Emmi and scratch notched up a kill each. and the party set about looting the bodies completely unaware of the eyes that were now watching them…

Whats the worst that can happen? - An intro

“You have all been selected.” He said as the tall muscled man strode along the line of recriuts that had the miss fortune to join the Tribal Marshals at a time when Elder Hannon was in charge the the induction. “I don’t like this fact and by the time I have finished with you, neither will you.” He went on. His eyes scanned the men and women assembled but when he said the ‘Neither will you’ Part of his speech his eyes seemed to settle on the ghoul members of the gathering. Blind in one eye that was bisected by a scar that reached his jaw line and started again on his collar bone before disappearing under his hide tunic, He was an imposing figure. It was rumoured that his scar was a present from a Deathclaw but no one knew for sure. What was sure of how ever was that he was the man every one of the gathered chosen would have to impress if they were to have any hope of joining the marshals. He spat on the floor and almost snarled at the ghouls this time showing a set of teeth entirely made of metal.
Before he could continue how ever a young man rushes into the gathering hall, straight up to Elder Hannon and gave a hasty salute. “Message Sir! From the Khan himself.” Hannon snatched the note from the messenger with such force it almost took the poor man’s fingers with it. His one eye moved over the writing for a few moments. With every second his face grew more and more passive which in its own way was more fearsome than the rage he had previously managed to display.
“Training today has been cancelled you are being rushed into emergency service and are all deputised.” He points to the end seven or eight in the line. “You there go with this man, You, you and you report to the armoury.” He bellowed to three more. “The rest of you.” He said looking at the party. “Follow me…” He said with a smile…


Anyone that is playing let me know now I have one person playing and thats not much of a party so whose who are up for another round for fallout or “how radioactive can I be made in the first session” let me know.
Either that or I will wait until people die in the WOD game or it finishes what ever people want.

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